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I may be hurtling towards 60 but I love children’s books and am delighted to be part of the launch celebrations for The Bedtimeasnaurus by Mike Bayliss. I’m especially pleased as Mike has used a devastating health diagnosis to positive effect and I salute him for it.

My usual slight children’s book review issue applies to The Bedtimeasnaurus as I always prefer children’s books that don’t use upper case letters in a lower case setting, because I like to see the style we’d like children to use in their own writing modelled for them.

That small gripe aside, I absolutely loved this book. It’s creative, fabulously illustrated and full of slightly rude aspects that children will adore. There’s burping, pumping, nose picking and several mentions of the word ‘bum’ that my great nephew would find hilarious. I liked the pun in the title too.

There’s a brilliant rhyme scheme throughout so that children can see and experiment with homophones and I thought the layout for the Flamingo-asarus that mirrored the standing on one leg was genius.

Following the imaginative rhymes and invented dinosaurs are really good activity pages too. Theres a task to get children looking back over the book to find different dinosaurs, a space to invent a Bedtimeasnaurus and to create a poem. I think the vibrancy of the book would engage even the most relucatant readers and writers in these tasks.

The Bedtimeasnaurus is a super children’s book and I really recommend it.

Patricia Furstenberg

I love the cover of “The Bedtimeasnaurus”! There is something deliciously mischievous happening there, I think it is even past bedtime!

Boys and dinosaurs go hand in hand, at least it happened in our home. My son was a huge fan of “Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs”!

I am sure that many families will create wonderful memories with the aid of this book! Probably Gigglesnaurus and Laughsnaurus will join too 😉

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