Jera's Gamboree

I’m delighted to be taking part in a blog tour today sharing my thoughts on The Bedtimeasnaurus by Mike Bayliss.

The Bedtimeasnaurus bought plenty of sniggers in the Goodwin household when I was reading out some of the poems on a rainy Sunday afternoon (yes, we’re all adults with our youngest son now 21).  Children may be the intended audience but you’re going to have great fun snuggling and reading these poems with your own.

Children will love the rhyme and totally get the humour.  I loved the illustrations and the illustrated text.

You can draw your own dino and write a poem too.  The Bedtimeasnaurus Facebook Page have regular competitions for the best dinos so it’s worth sharing your child’s – you never know!

Another thing I liked was Quiz Time.  There are 11 questions related to the illustrations and basic maths skills.  Quite a few children find comprehension difficult so any children’s book that includes ways to learn this skill gets my vote.

The Bedtimasnaurus is entertaining and importantly (I think), gives parents a way to connect and engage without being seen as ‘enemy #1.’

This really is a charming collection of poems which are fun and encourage bonding.

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