Many thanks to the author Mike Bayliss, Clink Street Publishing and blog tour organiser Rachel Gilbey for the ARC of the Bedtimeanaurus in return for an honest review.

I’m passionate about inspiring in children a love of books and reading.  For me the books should be colourful and for the very young children simple and enjoyable to read.  They should also come from a place of love.  The Bedtimeanaurus is fun to read and beautifully illustrated, fulfilling my wish list for any child’s book.

Each page features a poem about a different dinosaur from Greedy-asaurus to my favourite, The Flamingo-asarus.  The poems are short, memoriable and funny, which is perfect for this reading age.

An added bonus are the pages at the back of the book where the child can name and draw his own Bedtimeasnaurus. Charmingly there is also a page where parents and child could write their own poem to go with their illustration and  a fun quiz to do as well.

It all adds up, when accompanied by Megan Egan’s eye catching illustrations, to a fantastic read for young readers and their parents.

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